‘Persecution is a Price Worth Paying’: Chinese Church Resilient After Pastor, 100+ Members Detained

China is tightening its grip on the country’s Christians through repeated efforts to persecute and silence the Church. The latest example happened Sunday when Communist party officials detained Pastor Wang Yi of the Early Rain Covenant Church and more than 100 members, according to The Wall Street Journal.  from CBNNews.com //ift.tt/2zR3r4Z via IFTTT

Rioting Engulfs Paris as Anger Grows Over High French Taxes

The rumble of armored police trucks and the hiss of tear gas filled central Paris on Saturday, as French riot police fought to contain thousands of yellow-vested protesters venting their anger against the government in a movement that has grown more violent by the week. from CBNNews.com //ift.tt/2QkNSNe via IFTTT

Could This Be the Solution to America’s Trade Dispute with China?

Tariffs are at the core of investors’ concerns over America’s trade dispute with China, with President Donald Trump seeing them as a necessary tool to force the Chinese to negotiate. So far, however, all China has done is retaliate with more tariffs. But one economist says he thinks he may have the perfect solution… from […]

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Says History Has ‘No Mention’ of Jesus, Urges the West to Criminalize Blasphemy

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan drew backlash last month for claiming there is “no mention” of Jesus in history and for encouraging stricter blasphemy laws. from CBNNews.com //ift.tt/2PmVZU7 via IFTTT